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Mace Carabiner Pepper Spray Pink

Mace Carabiner Pepper Spray Pink

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Ideal for carrying your keys. A hinged safety cap flips open to reveal the actuator button and an orientation tab allows you to feel when the unit is properly aimed.image

Compact enough for your bag, keychain or belt loop, The Mace Carabiner Pepper Spray is ready at a moment's notice. Simply slide your hand around the carabiner for a secure grip and use the orientation tab for effective aim and targeting. Easy to carry and use, this pepper spray takes the stress out of self defense. And, thanks to reliable safety controls, there's no need to worry about accidental misfires.

Mase Carabiner Pepper Spray. 4.5" overall. 6 grams. Contains 10% Oleoresin Capsicum. Up to 6 bursts. Cone spray pattern with 5ft range. Key ring included. Refillable. Color: Pink. Hang packaged. ORMD item.



  • Carabiner style
  • OC Pepper formula
  • Cone Spray pattern
  • Bursts: Up to 6
  • Range: Up to 5 ft
  • Weight: 6g



  • Capacity: 6 Shot
  • Range: 5 ft
  • Weight: 6 g
  • Spray Pattern: ConeMC
  • Strength: 2 %
  • Additional Features: Carabiner style, OC Pepper formula

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