7 Ft. 10 In. Telescoping Carbon Bass Rod

7 Ft. 10 In. Telescoping Carbon Bass Rod

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7 Foot 10 Inches Telescoping Carbon BASS Fishing Combo 2.4 M
FTUSA Combo includes our carbon telescoping bass rod plus one low-profile LPB-1000 bass reel that is designed for freshwater casting.

Made from sturdy, light-weight carbon fiber, your new telescoping rod extends nearly 8 feet in full length, perfect for making those long, precise casts, but collapses down to just more than 2 feet, making it portable and ready for any use. The low-profile bass reel contains high-quality body construction with an aluminum spool. The adjustable drag system and quick-release spool provides excellent casting control.

The reason technology was developed to manufacture fishing rods out of CARBON Fiber is the Structural Characteristics of Strength and Flexibility combined with Lightweight.

Carbon Bass Rods are significantly lighter than fiberglass Bass rods and are also more forgiving to beginner casters and allow for both longer and more accurate casts. In short, Carbon Bass Rods allow anglers to cast longer and more accurately than when using fiberglass rods - and the lighter weight makes a day of casting seem far less fatiguing. Bass Rods reinforced with Carbon provide improved sensitivity, deliver greater strength, and enhance fishing performance.

When fishing for really BIG BASS they are hidden in entangled Lilly Pads, submerged tree limbs and reef camouflage. One uses 40 Lb test line and a Carbon Bass Rod that provides incredible strength and rod stiffness to "man handle" or pull the really Big 10 lb Bass from their hiding places.

CARBON BASS ROD Specifications
• Four (4) Telescopic Sections
• Four (4) Ceramic Guide Eyes
• Rod Weight: 10 ounces
• Extended Length: 7 ft 10 in or 2.4 M
• Collapsed Length: 25 in or 0.63 M
• Base Diameter: 0.63 in or 16 mm
• Tip Diameter: 0.08 in or 2.0 mm
• Casting Weight: 15-25 grams
• Tip Protector included
• Handle Cork for comfort
• Black Poly Bag with tie for storage and protection

BASS REEL Specifications   Low Profile   10 Ball Bearing
• Construction Non Rusting Materials
• Reel Weight: 9 ounces
• Quick Release Spool
• Micro Click Casting Control Knob
• Low Profile Body Blue Finish
• Capacity (Lb / Yds) 10#/165 Yds 12#/125 Yds 16#/110 Yds
• Ball Bearings Three plus One Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
• Gear Ratio 6.3 to 1
• Drag Star Drag System
• Circular Diameter: 3.5 in or 89 mm
• Width Diameter: 3.5 in or 38 mm

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